The aim of the New Zealand Computer Science Research Student Conference is to establish and reinforce a nationwide community of ICT graduate students. It provides an opportunity for students to establish contacts and share their research with graduates from across New Zealand, and members of the wider community. Students will gain experience in communicating their research and participating in an ICT community by:
  • submitting, presenting and reviewing research papers in a supportive and enthusiastic environment,
  • participating in workshops dedicated to providing practical information for completing a successful graduate programme, and pursuing future careers in academia or industry,
  • participating in a range of special events that get students in touch with like-minded people working in related areas within ICT, and
  • hearing from leading ICT experts in a series of exciting invited keynote presentations



The first NZCSRSC was held in 1992 at the University of Waikato. The conference grew out of the desire to bring students together to share their research and work towards building a lasting ICT student community. After a very successful conference it was decided that the NZCSRSC would be held every few years and subsequent conferences followed in 1995 (University of Waikato), 1999 (University of Waikato) and 2001 (University of Canterbury).

After some time the NZCSRSC returned once more to the University of Waikato in 2007. Attendees realized that the benefits that emerged from this event were too important to ignore for another 6 years. Therefore the University of Canterbury continued the tradition by hosting a very successful conference in 2008 that saw conference attendance almost double in one year, a fine indication of the NZCSRSC's increasing reputation. Looking to the future the hope is that this will become an annual event.

Wide participation from graduate students is encouraged by keeping costs to a minimum. This has only been possible thanks to the support offered by departments across the country and the help of sponsorship and grants.

2009 will be the first time the University of Auckland has hosted the NZCSRSC.