Conference Organisers and Contacts

The Committee

Rachel Blagojevic - Conference coordinator

Carl Schultz - Communications

Paul Schmieder - Social events

Hong Yul Yang - Conference promotion and website

John Downs - Submissions and reviews coordinator

Andrew Hay - Internal administration

Dave Uthus - Treasurer

Christian Hirsch - Catering

John Hosking - Conference mentor

Local Contacts

University Student Contact
Staff Contact
Auckland University of Technology TBA Krassie Petrova
University of Canterbury Janina Voigt
Stephen Fitchett
Tim Bell
Lincoln University
Yanbo Deng
Walter Abell
Massey University (Albany)
Guy Kloss
Arno Leist
Napoleon Reyes
Massey University (Palmerston North) Graham Jenson
Hans W. Guesgen
University of Otago
Lech Szymanski
Matthew Jenkin
Victoria University of Wellington
Craig Anslow
Kourosh Neshatian
Benjamin Palmer
Peter Andreae
University of Waikato Gian Perrone
Edmond Zhang
David Bainbridge